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N Toaster is here!!

October 08, 2015

N Toaster is a Windows PC app that allows you to print 5 pre-determined templates to paper along with the N Code required for the N2 to capture and interact with the app.  Simply install the app, print one of the formats, write on it with N2 and see the results in the app.  The pages can be printed as single sheets or in bulk.  This simply gives our users the ability to use the stationary/notepads we sell or print their own stationary. 

Please note there are some technical restrictions before you can use N Toaster as follows: 

  • N Toaster operates only on PCs with OS above Windows XP Service pack 3 (Windows 7 and above recommended)
  • Color laser printers are recommended for printing out Ncode paper
    (We cannot guarantee proper recognition when the paper is printed with inkjet or black and white printer. If so, there is high possibility of Ncode to not be printed accurately enough, and of overlapping of N Toaster format and stroke writing.)
  • N Toaster offers 5 formats of A4 and letter size. Each format can be printed out up to 50 pages.
    (Changing paper size or format is restricted. If you would like to print out another bundle of 50 pages that have same format, please make sure that you ‘lock’ the previous bundle so that they can be securely kept in ‘Notebox’)
  • When printing out with N Toaster, printing time can be vary (it will take 10 seconds to 1 minute per sheet) and Ncode pattern can be demonstrated in dark grey color depends on printer models.
  • Regular updates will be done on N Toaster. Neo Lab Convergence take no responsibility for individual errors and malfunctions on the current version.

Click the toaster to go to the download page!