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NCode paper download

November 02, 2018

Did you know you can download what's called the NCode PDF? It gives you the choice of 13 different variants of N Code paper formats. So for example plain, lanscape, grid, checklist, meeting minutes etc.

They come in A4, A5 and Letter. You really need Adobe Acrobat reader, a laser printer and a specific printer driver to print out consistently high quality paper that reliably replicates handwriting recogntion. But if you've got those pre-requisites, it's well worth a shot!

Have a look in the N Notebooks section from our Home page and you'll see the NCode PDF download listed. Click on it and the link to the Neo website is embedded in the text.

Unfortunately, it's designed to only provide the pre-designated sizes & forms you'll find on the Neo website. So manual modification of the templates is not supported. Sorry!