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About the stationery

Ever wondered how the NeoLABS M1 & N2 smartpens can stream your writing to the App on your mobile device and know where it is on the page?   Well, the magic lays in a printed code that was printed at the same time as the books. Called N code, it gives each book and indeed page a unique reference. When the Neo smartpen writes a small camera in the nib zooms in on the code and then records the strokes the nib is taking through the code. N code is barely visible to the naked eye but to the N2 its the boss! 

Although you can of course use your M1 or N2 on any paper and see the ink, it will not record unless used with N code stationery. There is a wide range of stationery available from us at VERY affordable prices that already has N code embedded.  You can also print certain formats of your own using Ncode PDF. Providing you have a suitable printer you can print to standard A4 paper.  Please see our products page for a link to your free N Code PDF templates.