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About the app

Downloading and using the

Neo Notes app is simple!  Just....


The Neo Notes app is crammed full of easy to use features, heres just a few....and all accessed by tapping the three small green dots in the top of the screen when you have written something. 


Automatic filing

The notebook(s) cover will be stored automatically as you use a new one. The App will separate the content by notebook or page, depending on your usage. Start writing on ANY page of ANY book and it knows!  It will open it automatically.

Sync with Evernote

With automatic Evernote syncing, your data will be stored directly to Evernote. Access the content through your PC, tablet, or any other device. *Evernote account required.

Record & Playback
Playback the pen strokes as you wrote them and / or the audio file that is synced with the strokes. A digital version of your stroke data and audio will be stored in the App and will be accessible anywhere you go.

Convert writing into text

Change handwritten text into digital text. After converting, you can export the data, tag content, or look-up a word in the dictionary.

Powered by MyScript


Find words from the dictionary. Download the language package and install it into the Smartphone. If you’re using iOS devices, English should be installed as a basic standard.

Note search
Once the handwritten letters are converted into digital text, you can search by note pages. Your search results will display notes on the screen.

Share your creations!
Share, store or pass on your notes and drawings to other apps installed on your device. Share with OneNote, Googledrive, Evernote, Facebook, and many more!  You can even share the transcribed text with a word processing application like MS Word to save you hours of re-typing. 
Add a splash of colour

Want to change colour of the strokes in the app when you write or draw?  Its easy, just tap the middle of a page and access the colour wheel. The larger the dot the thicker the line!   Of course you'll only see black ink on the paper but in the notes you'll see true colour.