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Getting Started

How to get started in 4 easy steps. 

Step 1          
  • Search and install “Neo Notes” in Google Play Store or Apple shop.
The Neo smartpen M1 and N2 support Android 4.2.2 / iOS [iPhone 5 / New iPad] or higher.
Step 2
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function in your device.
The pen supports Bluetooth 2.0 or higher. Please check if your device has Bluetooth connectivity.
Step 3
  • Pair/Register your Neo smartpen N2 with the app.
Easiest to use the Neo Notes App to guide you or manually pair it through Bluetooth settings.
Step 4
  • Start writing on any N notebook and watch the app open the book and see your writing streamed to the App. 
If you see a sticker with a tick box at the front of any Ncode™ notebook just ignore it. 


How to get started step by step.



Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON. Go to SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH > ON.  Also ensure it is "visible to all" if that setting is available




Search for Neo Notes in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Download it. 

Load the App on your device and the welcome screen will look something like this.

Click "Pen Register NOW" 



Follow the instructions on the screen. With the Pen OFF,  Hold down the Power button on your pen until you hear a BEEP and the LED light flashes Blue. Click NEXT in the APP.




Place the pen next to your device and wait.  





The Pen will pair with the device, and register with the App. At this stage you can register with Evernote if you have an account (you can also do this at any time in the future through the settings page of the App).  Simply click Start Neo Note next and you are ready to write!




You are prompted to set a Password now or later.  Having a pincode for the pen adds security to your Notes as the App will ask for it before synching with the Pen.  If you choose to do this later you will find it in Settings > Pen Information > Change Password.



Now pick up any Ncode™ Notebook and start writing on a page. You will see the notebook and page open in the app and the writing streaming to the App as you write on the paper. 

Note the small white circular pen icon in the top right.   When this is solid it shows the pen is connected to the App. If this is grey the pen will still record when you write but it will not stream the writing.  This is called an off line sync where the pen has recorded your writing and next time you connect the pen and the symbol changes to solid (just tap it with the pen turned on) your stored writing will sync with the App to the correct book and the correct page.