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Shipping Information

We ship by two methods: Postal and Courier. Postal uses the national postal service. Courier uses well known carriers such as DHL & FedEx.

Please note we don't ship to Canada, USA, South America, Asia or Far East. UK and Europe only.

In all cases, the POST CODE is the key data that the courier uses to deliver. If you get this wrong, even if the rest of the address is correct, we have had deliveries get lost. Accordingly, we will not be held responsible for any postcode errors that result in missed, lost or returned deliveries.

If you are shipping to a campus e.g. large university or manufacturing site, please ensure you specify enough detail to allow the main gate of the site to accept the delivery. We have had instances where main gate staff have rejected a delivery because the Department and Building name were not specified. Accordingly, we will not be held responsible for any such addressing errors/omissions that result in missed, lost or returned deliveries.

Shipping that comes with a Courier's commitment to deliver in 24 or 48hrs starts when they accept the goods from our warehouse, as notified to you by the email shipping confirmation. NOT when you placed the order!

Once shipped, you'll receive an email confirmation. This will contain the tracking reference, if that's the option that you purchased.

Please allow until 4pm UK time for the Courier to update their systems, before you try to track your parcel's progress. Prior to this, it's likely the tracking info will be empty.

Please note that if you choose to use standard, untracked, non-signed-for, national postal services, while they may be the least expensive, and are usually reliable, they provide NO visibility as to where your parcel has gone if/when things go wrong. Which means if it doesn't arrive when you expect, sadly there's NOTHING we can do other than to confirm when we sent it. You use this postal option entirely at your own risk. 

Please be aware that if you choose a tracked shipping option, its YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to track your parcel. You need to do this just in case there are unexpected delays, which do happen from time-to-time. If a parcel is returned to our warehouse because you failed to spot a delay and/or you have not provided information to the Courier or Customs in a timely way (usually 7 days), then provided the items are in the same condition as when they were sent (so we can re-stock them), we will refund the product cost only. We cannot refund your shipping cost. So please, please do monitor your parcel's progress. After have paid for it!

We calculate shipping by weight and the Country you are based in.  That means you will see different options available to you at time of checkout.

Specific Shipping rates and options are set up in our system for UK & Europe. We have tried to cover all options but if you can't see a shipping option for your country, please get in touch.

We provide the following options;

1. Standard Postal/Airmail (IP/P/P2) This is NOT tracked or signed for. Only choose this for low value items as we cannot offer ANY compensation for lost in transit items should you chose this service.

2. Signed For (PS/IPS) This is NOT tracked but a signature on delivery is required. Only choose this for low/medium value items.  We cannot offer ANY compensation for lost in transit items should you chose this service.

3. Postal Special Delivery (UK only)   This IS tracked and a signature is also required. Recommended for higher value items and offers up to £100 compensation. 

4. Courier (UK and International) (IC/C24).  This is the best option for all customers. It provides full tracking and faster delivery. It also offers compensation for loss. 

For most small light deliveries Postal is sufficient but usually around the 1.5Kg - 2Kg weight Postal service becomes unavailable and therefore the only option presented in your basket is Courier. Depending on your location Courier shipping is performed by Fedex, DHL or DPD and can differ in price based on whether the shipment is delivered using Air or Road.   

Please remember unless you selected Special Delivery/courier we cannot be held financially responsible for any loss in transit of your products. All tracked services require a signature at the point of delivery.  

Delivery Times:

If orders are received after 2pm we cannot guarantee next day delivery as our Order Fulfilment Warehouse processes all orders by 3pm ready for shipping.  We do not ship any goods on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.  Please remember this before using next day delivery in the UK.  

  • Delivery to the UK (excl Islands) dependent on chosen service but usually 1-2 days. Usually next day if courier is chosen. 
  • Delivery via courier to mainland Europe is usually around 2-5 working days.
  • Delivery via a normal Postal Service to mainland Europe can be 5-15 working days, depending Western/Eastern location. Perhaps longer during busy periods such as Christmas.

Codes used at Checkout:

International Delivery

IP - International Post (NOT tracked or signed for and offers NO compensation)

IPS - International Post Signed For (signature required on delivery but NOT tracked and NO compensation)

IC - International Courier - fully tracked and signed for, £100 compensation.

UK Delivery

P - 1st Class Post (NOT tracked or signed for) no compensation.

P2 - 2nd Class Post (NOT tracked or signed for) no compensation.

PS- 1st Class Post Signed for - (signed for but NOT tracked) no compensation.

SP - Royal Mail Special Delivery* - (tracked and signed for, no compensation)

C24 - Courier 24hr delivery - (tracked and signed for, £100 compensation)

 *Royal Mail Special delivery does not apply to Saturdays/Sundays/Bank holidays.  Royal Mail do not work Sundays and although they do work Saturdays they cannot guarantee delivery on Saturdays.  Therefore if you order Special Delivery on a Friday you are NOT guaranteed to receive it on the Saturday.

We believe we offer a good, wide range of options and prices to suit your needs and budget.  If you have any specific requirements (for instance a large order form another country) please email us for a quotation stating the quantities and products so we can provide a quotation for you.