N blank Planner, 152 pages mixed plan, plain and personal information.


Organise your day, week month and year with this professional looking handy planner. With a mix of pages for all types of planning its ideal for professionals and even home use!  It has a hard cover and is twin spiral bound. 

In this Planner you get;

  • page 2~page 3 - yearly plan
  • page 4~page 29 - monthly plan

For 13 months, To do list –Mon-Tue-…-Sat-Sun

  • page 30~page 141 - weekly plan

For 56 weeks, left page is for weekly plan & right page is plain

  • page 142~page 151) blank pages (Grid)
  • page 152p - personal data (Fill in name, birthday, mobile & e-mail address) & business card holder.
  • Separate inner pocket (Navy)

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